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Vermont State Council

134 Beech Street


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The purposes of the Corporation, its State Council, and its chapters are:

A. To help foster;encourage;and promote the improvement of the condition of the Vietnam-era veteran.

B. To promote physical and cultural improvement,growth and development,self-respect,self-confidence, and usefulness of Vietnam-era veterans and others.

C. To eliminate discrimination suffered by Vietnam-era veterans and to develop channels of communications which will assist Vietnam-era veterans to maximize self-realization and enrichment of their lives and enhance life-fulfillment.

D. To study, on a non-partisan basis, proposed legislation, rules, or regulations introduced in any Federal, State, or local legislative or administrative body which may affect the social, economic, educational, or physical welfare of the Vietnam-era veteran or others: and to develop public policy proposals designed to improve the quality of life of the Vietnam-era veterans and others, especially in the areas of employment, education, training, and health.

E. To conduct and publish research, on a non-partisan basis, pertaining to the relationship between Vietnam-era veterans and the American society, the Vietnam War experience, the role of the United States in securing peaceful co-existence for the world community, and matters which affect the social, economic, educational, or physical welfare of the Vietnam-era veterans or others.

F. To assist disabled and needy military veterans including, but not limited to, Vietnam-era veterans and their dependents, and the widows and orphans of deceased veterans.